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Pneumatic Seals

It is very common in the market to offer hydraulic cylinder seals for pneumatic applications. However, here at Advanced Sealing Devices, we don’t do that as we understand the mechanism of sealing pneumatic system throughly and we will make seals for you that are specially designed for this type of application. A typical arrangement of seals in a pneumatic actuator is shown in the following figure:

pneumatic seals

We understand that the operating pressure of a pneumatic system is a lot lower than that of a hydraulic system, and sometimes little or no lubrication is used in the pneumatic system. Furthermore, the lubricant used in the pneumatic system should be different from that used in a hydraulic system and incorrect selection of materials will have a devastating effect on your system. For these reasons, our pneumatic seals have evolved as a very distinct class of seals with their own characteristics.

The pneumatic seals that we make typically have a more flexible lip that has a much lower contact force on the piston and some chamfered or rounded profile to encourage lubrication. Some examples of pneumatic seals that we make are shown below:

Pneumatic Sealspneumatic sealspneumatic seals

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