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Bonded Seals

A bonded seal consists of an elastomer sealing lip and a metal washer bonded together during the manufacturing process. A schematic diagram is shown below:

bonded seals

The sealing lip provides a leakproof seal against pressurised fluids. Bonded seals are for sealing hydraulic fittings, pipe joints or under the head of bolts. A normal bonded seal is good for low pressure but if your application is of high pressure, contact us as we will design a very close tolerance recess for your bonded seal. Our current high pressure bonded seal can withstand a pressure of up to 1500 bar.

We can make the elastomer on the bonded seal using traditional materials such as

  • Nitrile,
  • EPDM,
  • fluorocarbon,
  • silicone,
  • flurorosilicone,
  • Aflas,
  • or you specify one and we will formulate a material for you in our laboratory.

See our materials section for a full list. We can make the metal part of the bonded seal using stainless steel for marine and underwater vehicles, or other common metals such as coated mild steel, aluminium-bronze or brass. Our imperial size bonded seals are suitable for thread diameters from 1/4 inch up to 2-1/2 inch, and for metric size from 4 mm up to 127 mm. Even larger sizes bonded seal can also be made if specially requested by you. Some examples of bonded seals that we make are as follows:

bonded sealsbonded sealsbonded seals

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