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Our seals, compounded materials, coatings and metallurgical products are supported by our comprehensive in-house metrology equipments. Our metrological tests are done according to ISO or ASTM standards. Other standards such as BS or JIS standards can also be carried out if you require them. Any metrological tests performed by us are digitally captured and downloaded to a computer for record, verification, and traceability purposes.

Tensile test

In a tensile test, we measure the stress-strain data or tensile properties of the materials used for making your products. We make a dumbbell shape material, put it on a tensile machine and register the load applied and the length. We record the elastic modulus, 100% modulus, and 300% modulus (if applicable), ultimate elongation property, and tear strength. We can also perform tensile tests in elevated temperatures in-house.

Compression test

This test defines the residual deformation of a material after removal of an applied compressive stress. This is a very important parameter as it tells us the ability of a material to recover after an extended period of compression. We can conduct this test using our vacuum oven or even in our environmental oven, using a gas specified by you. We aim to perform the test as close to your operating environment as possible.

Abrasion test

Abrasion resistance is the resistance of a material to wearing away by contact with a moving abrasive surface. We report this to you as an abrasion resistance index. This test is useful in making quality control checks on the materials for rough service.

Environmental oven

We use our environmental oven for accelerated aging tests. This is to find out how well the product made by us will withstand the ravages of weather, temperature, and time. The finished product will be exposed to the deteriorating influence of air or other gases at a specified elevated temperature for a certain period of time, after which their physical properties will be determined. The changes in hardness, in tensile strength, and in elongation at break are reported.

Vacuum oven

In this test, we can measure the outgassing rate of a material under vacuum. This is important if you are using our materials in a vacuum environment.

Chemical resistance test

We test the extent to which the product can retain its original physical characteristics and ability to function when it is exposed to chemicals, oils, fluids or any liquid specified by you, that is likely to encounter in your service operating conditions. We measure weight, volume, and physical properties in this test.

Viscosity test

For our compounded rubber products, we use the Mooney Viscometer to measure the rheological properties. The response of the compound to the forces and temperatures imposed during the operation of mixing, and curing are recorded. The test will ensure that the materials are processed uniformly.

Hardness Test

This is the relative resistance of the surface to indentation under an applied load. We use a spring-loaded hardness gauge or a hardness equipment with a spherical indenter at its tip. For very small products, we can test the hardness using our microindenter, in which the applied load can be as low as 2g. We use this test to make sure that the material used to make your product is properly controlled during the manufacturing process.


We also own several high resolution microscopes and stereo microscopes for observation of the materials and final products.

Weighing Balance

We record the mixing of raw materials using a digital balance. All the data is ported to a computer for recording and traceability purposes.

Special and Other tests

Other tests that we can perform are flex test, resilience test and we can also test the finished product at low temperatures. We can carry out other special tests as requested by you.

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