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Metallurgical Products

In our metal section, we can make a large variety of metal objects and moulds with very fine precision. Our customers include the automotive industry, the eletronics, the biological, the military, and manufacturers of instruments, hardware, tools and business machines.

We divide our metallurgical work into two sections. The first section uses CNC machining centre and turning centre to work on complicated metallic parts, including experimental jigs, moulds for injection and for compression processes. For high volume objects, we would suggest our customers to use powder metallurgy technology. This technology enables us to make precision and high strength metallurgical objects in large quantities. All of our sections complement each other. A powder metallurgical object may require our CNC machines to modify its shape; this is a process which cannot be done by powder metallurgy alone.

We can also coat the manufactured metallurgical objects with elastomer or plastics in our coating and compounding department. Please refer to our materials section for further information. If you cannot find a suitable material from the list, let us know and we will formulate one that suits your needs. Beside coatings, we can de-contaminate or clean the fabricated components, so that they are ready to be used in electronics, biological, pharmaceutical and ultra high-vacuum applications.

Other metallurgical works that we can perform are:

  • preparation of specimens for metallographic observation using high resolution microscope,
  • lapping using various grades of silica-carbide and diamond paste,
  • fine polishing using diamond and colloidal silica down to 1/4 micron finish,
  • sand-blasting to various surface finishes

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