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The coating section of Advanced Sealing Devices can produce a product that is specifically for your need. There is a wide variety of properties that one can formulate for coatings, and we can establish properties that function according to your requirements. We can formulate and compound coatings that have the properties specified by you. We can also help to keep your cost down by eliminating any unwanted functions, creating a product that suits your unique requests. In formulating a coating for you, we will utilise the latest developments in coating production by incorporating Nanotechnology. In this manner, we not only create a coating that suits your needs but also provide you with a coating that performs at the cutting edge of the coating science and engineering. By using Nanotechnology, we are able to create a coating for you that has properties which surpass traditional coating properties. Here we present several case studies and coatings that we have produced.

1. Corrosion Protection Coatings using Nanotechnological engineering

Nanotechnological Coating on Mild Steel. Note the uniform coating on the surface of the samples. Nanotechnological Coatings on Aluminium. Again, note the uniform coating produced on the surface of the aluminiuim samples.
Nanotechnology Corrosion Coatings Nanotechnology Corrosion Coatings


5H pencil scratch test of Nanotechnolgical Coatings A4 on aluminium substrate (showing cracks but coating does not delaminate from substrate) 5H pencil scratch test of Nanotechnolgical Coatings A4-2 on aluminium substrate. An improved formulation as compared to A4, showing no crack. The dark dots are pencil marks left on the coatings after scratching. 5H pencil scratch test of Nanotechnolgical Coatings A4-2 on mild steel substrate, showing no cracks.
Scratching Test Nanotechnology Coatings Nanotechnology Coatings


3 days NaCl dipped test. Left bare surfaces; right with Nanotechnology Coatings. 5% NaOH droplet test. Centre A4-2 sample showing no marks. Both left and right samples are attached by the NaOH solution. Uniform Nanotechnology Coating on Screw head.
Nanotechnology Coatings Nanotechnology Coatings Nanotechnology Coatings

Other coatings that we have produced for our customers are:

2. Passivation of aluminium particles using Nanotechnology coatings
3. Lotus Effect Coatings using Nanotechnological Engineering

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