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The main business focus of Advanced Sealing Devices is as follows.


We design and manufacture oil seals and other sealing products with the highest quality using advanced manufacturing technology coupled with an in-depth understanding of the sealing mechanism.  Our seals cater for a wide variety of industries including our specialised Hygienic Seals for the biological, food and beverages, and the pharmaceutical industries; Vacuum Baked Seals (vacuum baked O-rings) for the electronics, clean-rooms, analytical instruments and ultra-high vacuum industries; Chemical Resistant Seals for the agrochemicals and chemical industries that can withstand DCM, THF, DMF, DMSO, Acetone, Toulene, Ethyl Acetate, Cyclohexane, Xylene and etc. The sealing products that we make are backup rings, bonded seals, double acting and single acting high pressure hydraulic seals, O-rings (PTFE encapsulated O-Rings, PTFE coated O-Rings), piston cups, pneumatic seals, u-packings, vee-packings, T-seals (Tee-seals), C-cups, wear rings (guide rings), wiper seals, PTFE seals (Teflon seals), PTFE spring-energized seals and any other type of seals. We use standard materials (FDA approved also available) for making the seals and we can also compound and formulate specialised materials upon request. For dimensions, beside making standard sizes, we also specialise in making non-standard sizes for Research and Development and OEM houses.


We formulate and produce advanced special coatings to improve the surface properties of the substrate, such as corrosion, wear, scratch, adhesion and wetability. In our formulation, we employ Nanotechnology and this enables us to obtain coatings with properties that surpass traditional coatings. Our coatings can be applied easily by dipping, spraying or brushing.


We use CNC drilling, CNC milling and CNC turning to make high quality metal and plastics components. We do all types of work that require CNC machining, and our works range from simple and small prototypes to large scale complex components. For large quantity components, we use powder metallurgy technology that has the advantage of being very economical and efficient. However, this does not mean that we will compromise on the physical and mechanical properties. You can be assured that the metallurgical components will be of the highest quality. After fabricating the metallurgy or plastics components, we can also coat, prepare and de-contaminate (clean) them.


Our seals, coatings and metallurgy sections work synergistically together. We are able to use the technology developed from each sections to work together to produce a product that is not easily obtainable by any of the sections alone. Hence, we are able to address your needs in the best possible way and obtain the most optimal product for you.

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